Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Photo Of The Day

As part of a campaign to promote his latest film, seven of director Mack Sennett's
famous 'bathing beauties' pose for photographs in Washington D.C, USA, in 1919.


Moira said...

I just found your blog during a search for Elliott Erwitt dogs. I love it! Would you consider linking or providing info on where you find your photos? Or is that part of the mystery/attraction/allure? Regardless -- wonderful blog!

Louie Gee said...

Oh, thank you - that is so nice of you!! :)

I honestly don't remember where I found most of them! Years of internet surfing and an obsessive need to collect photos!

I do remember where I first saw the Erwitt photo though - it was in his book 'Dog Dogs' published by Phaidon. I bought a copy in a charity shop a few years ago because it was so wonderful - a couple of hundred pages of nothing but photos of dogs!! Anyone who doubts that dogs have personality has obviously never seen this book! If you ever see a copy, I thoroughly recommend it!