Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Photo Of The Day

Known as 'The Mother Road', the famous 2,448 mile U.S. Highway 'Route 66'
is photographed by Andreas Feininger in Seligman, Arizona, USA, in 1953.


The History Rat said...

I just happened across your site!!! As a history teacher, I cannot tell you how wonderful it is what you have done. I don't know what I am doing the next hour, but I imagine it involves perusing your wonderful blog.

I just love a good photograph too. Thanks for making my day today!

Louie Gee said...

Wow, thank you so much! I'm glad you like the photos! Of course, it's the photographers themselves who deserve the credit - I just write the captions! (And I actually enjoy doing it, so it's really nice for me too!)

Thanks again!

Patrick said...

I once stumble upon a site featuring three Feininger photos taken moments before and after this photo where the car headed toward the camera is not in the photo. Have you seen them? Know where I can find them.
You really do have an excellent site. Because of you I am in deep doo doo because of the honey-dos that did not get done... ;-)
Keep up the good work.

Patrick said...

I love this photo by Feininger. I once saw a series of three photos of Seligman, of which this is one, where one of the other photos did not have the car that is headed toward the camera. Sort of like he framed the photos. Have you seen them. Do you know where I might find them.
You have a great site. I have spent my entire afternoon looking at these photos, and am now in deep doo doo because of the neglected honey-dos! Keep up the great work.

Patrick said...

Hey, Louie: I found one of the "other" photos. Check out: AND

In the second photo, the couds are different and it looks like a Greyhound bus traveling away from the camera.